Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This is the first Star Wars title I dislike

Every Prequel title felt perfect to me from the announcement.  The Force Awakens I pretty much always understood.  And Rogue One was Rogue One.

But now Episode VIII will be

The Last Jedi

Number 1: Jedi has already been in a title, just two epsisodes ago they returned and now they're on the last one?

Number 2: The middle film title should be very verby, The Something Somethings, or The Somethinging of the Something.

Number 3: The middle film should also reference the villains in some way.

The people at GreedoSHotFirst seem to have a patter, no matter what they'll be snarky haters of the spin offs but blindly loyal to the Post-Lucas Episodes.  All while being not Prequels haters but still annoyingly dismissive.

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