Thursday, February 9, 2017

I’m tired of people only seeing the worst of Internet comments and message boards.

Note for context, this is copy/pasted from a Tumblr post I made.  But this version will be better proof read.

As a veteran of IMDB since 2003, I’ve had a lot to complain about, and did some of that right here on my Tumblr.  But when I read TMS and Gawker pretty much agreeing with “Nothing of value was lost” I get offended.

I’ve met important Internet comrades there.  I’ve learned much and had all kinds of fun conversations.  And It’s played a role in how I’ve become a more liberal person.  The beginning of the journey that lead to me creating my “The Bible does not Condemn Homosexuality” dissertation was in an IMDB thread.

And YouTube comments are frequently valuable too.  Every successful YouTuber is thankful for the community that exists in their comments section.

Now as far as the desire to politicize this goes.  I’m a little annoyed at all the Conservatives who act like censoring dissenting comments and justifying it with talk about petty hateful trolls is an inherently Liberal thing.  There are Christian blogs I’ve been blocked from commenting on, and Forums and Facebook groups I’ve been kicked out of for expressing my dissenting view of the Bible passages presumed to condemn Homosexuality.

And as far as mocking people for being “Triggered” goes.  That’s not uniquely liberal either.  In one of those Facebook Groups there were literally people acting like they’re traumatized by my opinion of Homosexuality being allowed to stand as long as it was.  They may not have used the same terminology but it was absolutely the same thing.

So no, you’re not actually gaining any SJW cred by being all for the shutting down of Internet discussion for fear of “Trolls”.


  1. Agreed. Look at IMDB! I am truly going to miss a lot of people who there, people I will not be able to gain the emails of in such a short notice. We have had our difference, we argue about religion and some political issues often, but I have always counted you as a good friend on IMDB and I am very glad that you at least have a blog. Yeah, IMDB, was a den of trolls and flame wars, but it was also a great place for discussion. My views were shaped to a degree by it. I am not a Christian, but I am certainly less hostile to Christianity than I once was and count Jesus Christ as one of my heroes now, especially since reading more correct translations of the Bible. People grow and change based on their interactions with other people and I do feel that IMDB played a part in that for me and many others. I think IMDB will be missed and nothing like it will be seen again. Once it is gone, many people will probably be too disheartened to move to similar sites.

    The problem I have with conservatives is that they are massive hypocrites. They always do the same things as liberals (I am no fan of liberals either) but then they just try to justify it. Conservatives call liberals crybabies, whilst acting like crybabies themselves; they complain about liberal biases, yet have channels like Fox News; they complain about liberal censorship yet they censor anything they disagree we. Fans of the Democratic and Republican parties are more alike than they care to admit.

    1. Indeed, Christian Conservatives tend to act exactly like the Pharsiees of the NT.