Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I'd like to see the BBC do a Live Action Hellsing

So we've seen Anime adapted into Live Action in it's home country of Japan with varying degrees of success.  And We've seen it adapted into Live Action by Hollywood with so far no undeniable success.

But what about giving the BBC a shot? Looking at some of the the shows they've had including SciFi ones?  And You'll be surprised how many Anime YouTubers have British accents, so there is an Otaku audience there.

Hellsing would be my first choice for this.  It's set in London, and inspired by a classic work of British poplar fiction.

I'm of a course a Hellsing fan who hasn't read the manga, but really liked the first Anime yet totally hates the art style of Ultimate.  It bums me out that the original Anime didn't get a second season as there was clearly more story to tell.

Hellsing has the potential to fit in right alongside Doctor Who and maybe even fill the void left by Sherlock.

After Hellsing the next Anime franchise that involves a lot of British characters is Fate/Stay Night, especially in Fate/Zero.  But that's still mainly set in Japan.  Maybe I could be okay with a Localized adaptation, it's not nearly Shinto driven as something like Higurashi, another Anime adapted from a Visual Novel.  But you'd have to be very careful about it.  Or that could make like a Fate/ spin off, just depicting the Mages Academy and other Nasuverse drama.

So Hellsing is definitely the best bet for giving the BBC a shot at adapting Anime/Manga.

Update August 31st 2017:

Thanks to Princess Principal we now have another Anime sorta set in London, and alternate history London.  I like it, but it's still airing so who now how it'll turn out.

The BBC isn't likely to do something with an all female cast, yes they just finally committed to a female Doctor Who, but that will still have male characters.

And it's best not to adapt something till it's stood the test of time somewhat.  If I revisit Princess Principal in 5 years and still care about it, and others do too.  Then we'll see.

But for now Hellsing is still the best bet.

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