Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I've read some more Arsene Lupin

I've read The Hollow Needle and 813 over the last couple days and placed reviews on Amazon for them.



I'm not gonna repeat anything from the reviews here, I'll just say that a comment in the 813 review is why I tagged this as a Pretty Little Liars post.

As of these I feel I've read the essentials of the original Arsene Lupin.   I've read the first few short stories and The Woman with the Green Eyes (Super Sleuth) online, and I've read BlackCoatPress's translations of the Holmes stories, the Caligostro stories, and now these two.

I've mentioned before how unfortunate I think it is that (English Speaking)Anime fans who are into Lupin III don't seem too motivated to read up on the original.  But their adventures are very different.  Lupin III arguably draws more directly on James Bond and Indiana Jones, both those owe their own debt to Arsene Lupin of course, directly or not, but are still distinct.  Arsene Lupin's adventures are not particularly action heavy, the focus on characters trying to out think each other makes me think of Code Geass and Death Note as closer Anime analogues, but neither of them have a character I'd compare too directly to Lupin. [Update: now that I've finished it I could also say ACCA in a sense.]

The Castle of Cagliostro draws on the classic Lupin more then most.  But the connection to the Cagliostro novel is mostly just in name.  It's really The Woman with the Green Eyes that seems to have been the major inspiration.

A while ago I talked on Tumblr about Aria the Scarlet Ammo.  I also just watched the first two episodes of it's sequel season, AA, now that their Dub is available.  It has a very different vibe, one that appeals to me much more overall.  No longer a male MC and so far no egregious fan service.  And it's got Yuri.  And fortunately Riko Mine will be back.

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