Monday, April 24, 2017

Maz Kanata should be in the Han Solo film

In the film Battlestar Galactica Razor, a certain plot point happens to justify why it's made between seasons 3 and 4 of the BSG reboot series even though it's set during season 2.

I think those annoyed at the Star Wars spin off films being set during the OT era when the main films are in a new era, would feel they are more justified if there was some, however minute, connection to the new Trilogy events.  Rogue One managed to be a hit in-spite of those people, but Han Solo has a bigger up hill battle to climb, with asking someone else to fill Harrison Ford's shoes.

Fortunately for this one we also know an easy way to give it some New Trilogy relevance.  The Force Awakens established that Han and Maz (and also Chewie) have history.  And also established that she'd been there a thousand years, so she was there through all 6 of the Lucas films.

So it would fit nicely to include her, have her connect the beginning of Han's story to it's end.  In fact I'll dare say it'd be stupid not to include her.  And her presence will be enough, don't need to shoe horn in any plot-line connection, just seeing a New Trilogy introduced character in the Old Trilogy era would be cool.

I have a feeling a revival of the Clone Wars cartoon could happen, given fan demand managed to revive Young Justice.  If it does then I'd like to see her on Clone Wars also, show fun characters of that era stopping by her Cantina.  And it would also be nice to include her on Rebels before it ends.  If they ever did my wish of a young Yoda film, Maz could be included there also given her age.

I don't care one way or the other if the Han Solo movies shows the Kessel run or not.  But what I do want to see is the origins of his relationships with key characters like Chewie and Lando and Maz.  And I'm thinking it would also be nice to explain what happened to the other Wookie who was with Chewie at the end of ROTS.

I will also add on the subject of the Spin Offs I would enjoy a Rogue One sequel about capturing the second Death Star plans.  It'd be nice to expand the universe to have a story where the main cast is mostly not Human but rather Bothans.  And while none of the main cast of Rogue One is still alive, supporting characters are.  Maybe a sub plot explaining how the Akbar predecessor we met passed the torch to everyone's favorite declarer of traps.  Not to mention more of Mon Mothma, I love Mon Mothma.

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