Monday, April 3, 2017

Streaming Websites need to be reasonable

Here are two simple rules I feel they all need to follow.

1. Have all shows available for Free with Ads without needing to sign up.

2. No Ads for people using a paid subscription.

However too many want to make certain or even all of their shows watchable only for users paying a monthly fee for a subscriptions.  And also having Ads for paid accounts.

If you want to compete with Television you need make it as convenient as Television.

And this goes double for Anime Streaming.  I realize Netflix's major success with Daredevil and Jessica Jones probably has them thinking they don't need to do anything different.  But in the long I think I'll be proven right.

But Legal Anime Streaming sites seem to feel they need to milk as much money as possible out of those who feel morally obligated to use them in order to make up for all the piracy.

What they don't realize is the solution to the Piracy problem is to make watching it legally more convenient.  Anime fans want to support the shows they like, but many simply don't have that much money to throw around.  They would have no problem sitting through ads on a legal site if it was just as free.  Especially since some of the illegal sites have ads anyway.

And it's doubly stupid to make a show meant mainly for kids a Paid membership exclusive, like Glitter Force.  On TV it's the opposite, channels like HBO air almost exclusively R rated content, and the parallel to that is exactly where Netlifx main success has been, the dark and gritty corner of the MCU.

Glitter Force it seems is considered a flop, and that's why they aren't going to Dub the Smile Pretty Cure movie.  One reason it failed is because it changed names and tried to pretend it's not set in Japan, but that only explains why it wasn't popular with those already into PreCure.  If the reason for doing that was to make it more accessible to people who don't usually watch Anime, especially western kids, Netflix was not the place to put it.

I think it's a bad idea for Kids shows to be Internet exclusive in general.  As much as we nerds who live on The Internet like to pretend regular television is obsolete.  The fact is it's sill true that the younger a kid is the more their parents are limiting their time online.  Which is why every currently successful kids show still airs on regular television.  So it bugs me that even the new Sailor Moon dub isn't airing on TV, the Sailor Moon fan base could be growing in America right now but it's not.

But there is certainly no way Parents are going to buy a Netflix account just so their kids can watch Glitter Force.  And those that have accounts anyway probably aren't letting their kids randomly browse it, so none are even going to become aware of Glitter Force.

In-spite of all the localization being annoying I find Glitter Force a solid Dub.  It could have been a hit if it'd actually been made available to Kids.

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