Friday, April 14, 2017

They sure do love putting that Vader Helmet in Trailers?

"Hey, you guys liked Vader right?  He's not gonna be in this movie but we'll mention him".

I got it with the first film of the new Trilogy.  But now you'd think they'd want to promote the film based solely on the strength of it's new Villains.

But on the positive I love how they said 'Balance", that is a Prequel reference.

I think this film will be better then TFA.

Update: Okay, it seems I was wrong and that is Kylo's Helmet not Vader's.  It was really hard to tell form how smashed up it is.  But now that I think about it it shows none of those signs of having once been burnt.   I think it diffidently was shot intentionally like TFA's shot of Vader's Helmet.

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