Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I tried watching an Anime called Avenger

It's a Bee Train show.  Bee Train has a bad reputation in certain circles.  Among DigiBro fans I have qualified as probably the biggest defender Bee Train has, and that was based on only having seen 3 shows, the "Girls With Guns" Trilogy.

To be honest, of that trilogy, I would only truly fully recommend Noir.  Even Noir is a show where much of the appeal to me is it kinda embracing how ridiculous it is.  But Noir also has an artistic depth to it, one that the alleged cheapness of it's Animation quality only heightens, giving it that "Noir" feel.  Noir would be ruined not helped by Sakuga.

Madlax and El Cazador I would recommend only to someone who already loves Noir and wants to try something similar but different.  Only context in which I might recommend one of them to someone who doesn't care for Noir is if someone is really into certain sub-genres those fit into that Noir doesn't.  El Cazador is sort of a Neo-Western, and Madlax is.... well..... I guess a Pseudo Vietnam War setting is the best I can come up with.  Noir's equivalent sub-genre is, well, Noir.

I have always known that .Hack isn't for me.

Avenger I heard about watching Digi's series on every Anime he's dropped.  Avenger is mentioned as another Bee Train show with somewhat of a Yuri aspect.

It is a rare Bee Train show not composed by Yuki Kajiura, and I figured that out before I checked the credits.  The Music did not sound like Kajiura, but kinda like it wanted to be.

Art style wise it looks kinda like Madlax, but it was made before Madlax.

There is nothing I can really say I hate about it.  The premise interests me, people living on Mars in the future, with sentient robots.  But it's execution is failing to really grab me.

I've seen three episodes and decided to put it on hold.  I might return to it, or I might not.  Maybe the lack of Kajiura music is all it takes to kill this studio's appeal, a great score is a powerful tool.

I think Digi's hostility to Bee Train came a lot from Bee Train being one of the few studios doing Yuri and other such things back then, and his frustration at not being satisfied with what little he was getting.

For me, Noir is what got me into Yuri in the first place, and even it was a show not brand new when I watched it.  Well the Dub might have been, sometimes Dubs take awhile, but when I watched it even the Madlax Dub was at least partly released already.

So if I now find their output lackluster, it's in the context of knowing I've got plenty of other great stuff to enjoy.

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