Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Spring Anime thoughts

This is my first time doing a post like this. In the past I haven't watched much Anime as it airs.

Last year I covered Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 episode by episode.  I've kinda lost my passion for doing that sort of thing.  I'm gonna keep it up with Pretty Little Liars till it finishes this season because that's perhaps the oldest tradition of this blog.  And then I'll be done with it.

Crystal has always been different from other Seasonal Anime.  My first time really following any seasonal Anime was for Flip Flappers and Izetta that Fall.  They were both great.

For Winter 2017 I followed Maid-Dragon, Tanya the Evil and ACCA, I enjoyed all three.  And I dropped Masamune-Kun after 7 episodes.

The first two Yuki Yuna prequel movies I already commented on, they're good, but if I saw them in Theaters I wouldn't consider worth the ticket price.

For this season I have a bit more mixed set of perspectives.  But even then I haven't tried nearly all of them.

Twin Angel is the best, that's the most consistent fun I'm having.  If you want to watch a not so Dark Magical Girl show without scaling the mountain of a 50 episode monstrosity, Twin Angel is what you've been waiting for. I highly recommend it.

The only other show I've been watching Subbed is Eromanga-Sensei, and that is largely to go along with Digibro's Podcast.  I'm not nearly as hard on the show as they are, but their assessments are hilarious.  It's a trashy guilty pleasure show, but nothing special.

For Simuldubs first and foremost is Attack on Titan season 2.  I'm enjoying it, time will tell if it lives up to the first two arcs.  I'm bothered that the Dub changed their pronunciation of Mikasa.  Maybe this version is closer to the original Japanese, but all three Abridged Serises I watched used the Season 1 dub Pronunciation.  So it's burned into my brain that that is how Mikasa should be Pronounced.

Love Tyrant I gave a shot, that premise for a Death Note parody could have been great.  But I had to drop it before finishing the second episode.

One I still haven't watched yet but that I might given my Mythological Interests in Seven Deadly Sins, similar for Gabriel Dropout last season.  Vrai seems to be enjoying it.

I want to end on Clockwork Planet.  This is a show many other seasonal roundups have been the hardest on.  And with only 2 episodes I can't be sure it'll keep my interest.  But for the time being it has my attention.

It has some Anime Fanservice, the second episode is kinda lighter on it which has me wondering if it's one of those that use it all up early on.  But even if that issue doesn't go away, I find the characters interesting, regardless of the fetishes they play into.

So that's my take on this season so far.  Maybe it'll hep you out, maybe it won't, but thanks for reading it.

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