Thursday, June 15, 2017

I have watched Canaan, The Anime

Canaan is the main Girls with Guns show Digibro praised in contrast to BeeTrain's trilogy, which he dislikes but I love unconditionally.  Well he also liked Gunslinger Girl, but I dropped that after two episodes because it's not a Girls with Guns show, but a Lolicon show.

It's a good show, I'd recommend it.

I watched the Dub, which was interesting since it has some actors in common with Noir's.  Most noticeably Mireille as the title character, which is great, her voice is always Music to my ears.  And now that I know Hilary Haag doesn't usually sound like Chloe, I was able to recognize her as Maria Oosawa.  For a long time I thought Mireille was the only Noir Dub actress I ever heard popping up in other stuff.  Then I tracked down Chloe's actress on MAL and learned that Chloe's actress usually has a completely different kind of voice.

How do I compare the show to BeeTrain's stuff?  Well It's probably better written then Madlax, and certainly more engaging then Avenger.  But next to Noir it is inferior in every way they are even remotely comparable.

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