Friday, July 28, 2017

I don't like Justice League Doom either.

I had been excited for the idea of a Tower of Babel adaptation.  But this movie majorly disappointed.

First of all throwing a bunch of other Villains in with the Legion of Doom idea was unnecessary.  I feel like they mostly did it as an excuse to shoe horn Bane in who's involvement in Rises made him more marketable then ever.

Even just replacing Ra's Al Ghoul with Savage was lame, it definitely works best that the mastermind of this story was a Batman nemesis.

I would have preferred them keep the original's Justice League line up, including Plastic Man, and Kyle as the Green Lantern and Wally as The Flash.  And them throwing Cyborg in just because they're beginning the process of lining up these animated films with the New52 line up really annoyed me.

But my biggest issue, was how they changed the nature of Batman's contignecey plans.

1. The Comic had made sure to make them Non Leathal, hence not using Green Kryptonite even though he had some.

2. But what's additionally stupid is how the plans in this movie were dependent on them all having their normal personalities.  They are supposed to be plans in case they got body swapped or brainwashed or something.  In which case especially the plans used in this film on Superman and Hal Jordan would be utterly useless.

Once again, this is another movie that proves, no, DC has never been perfect at making Animated movies.

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