Thursday, July 13, 2017

I watched the Pilot for Princess Principle

I decided to break what I said my Summer Season plans were for this show largely because Glass Reflection said it has a potential connection to Noir, and then part of that connection is Yuki Kajuri herself, so it had to become a priority.

Also that I'm increasingly doubting I'll stick with Netsuzou Trap.  The 9 minute episodes I could have accepted.  That I found myself comparing it to the Year One animated adaptation I cannot.

The show looks pretty good, and the voice actresses sound decent.  It looks like something people who are into Steam Punk should give a shot to.

But I don't know what happened in the episode.  And I don't mean that as a criticism of the show, the fault lies in how difficult it is for me to watch Subs.  I've watched and enjoyed a lot of Anime Subbed.  But it's easiest for simple Slice of Life shows like Engaged to the Unidentified or Yuru Yuri.

Spy thrillers are an inventively dialogue and exposition heavy genre no matter hard they try to "show don't tell".  My mind tends to wander as I watch something, no matter how engaged I am, but especially when trying a new intellectual property I'm not already into.  However this has never been a problem for me when I only need to listen to know what the characters are saying.  It's when I also have to read that it becomes easy for me lose track.

This is an Amazon Strike show, I may be mistaken, but I think that means it probably won't get a Dub (Vivid Strike I know doesn't seem to be getting one).

So I still want to get into this show, but it's a hurdle.  Maybe repeat viewings will help.  Heck, maybe this show with it's modern Animation will finally give Digibro what he wanted from BeeTrain.

P.S. The odds that I will watch Fate/Apocrypha even if Digi doesn't do a Podcast on it are increasing.  It's a double season show and so would be my first time watching one of those as it airs.   And the inclusion of certain characters gives me reason to want to know something about it before I make my Halloween recommendations post on the First of October.

Update July 15th 2017: I watched the episode again and this time I followed it pretty well, it may be I just wasn't in the right mindset the first time.  Will still take a few for me to know for certain I want to keep following it.

It's amusing that both this and Fate/Apocrypha seen to be going up on the Steaming sites I use at close to the exact same time on Sundays.

Another Update: I'll be posting on this show again after episode 3 airs.  For now I liked episode 2 and I suspect they are intentionally making my think of Pretty Little Liars.

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