Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kong: Skull Island was an effective Anti-War film

I've read a lot about how so many Anti-War films, from Apocalypse Now to Jarhead seem to intentionally or not undermine themselves.  Because Soldiers watching the movie will cheer on the violence no matter what.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe this is the one kind of message that is better served by a Popcorn Comic Booky kinds of films then something taken 100% seriously.  Because in these films the idea that the audience will gain some pleasure watching what the film is actually criticizing is just an accepted thing we're used to.

We have the story of American and Japanese WWII soldiers who became good friends when they were stranded on the island and borders no longer mattered.  We have a character who's blinded by War being all he knows.  The line about sometimes there only being an enemy if you're looking for one.  The whole plot can be read as a commentary on Vietnam, which in turn can be compared to the wars we're fighting today, with so many people caring more about if we "Win" then if we're right.

Wonder Woman was going for something similar.  Wonder Woman was a great Superhero origin film, but Skull Island is more effective at the Anti-War message.

But perhaps the best as this is the Gundam franchise.  I still haven't seen much Gundam myself yet, but I know it's reputation is for being very effective at sending a War is Hell message.

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