Sunday, August 6, 2017

At the moment I'm following more shows this Season then I did any season previously.

Which is interesting given my stated intent at the start of the season, to follow only 1.  And that original 1 I've put on hold.

I'm following 6 right now, 3 subbed and 3 Simuldubs.  The Subbed ones I'd already commented on before July ended.  The Simuldubs are...

Hina Logic looks like it could fill the void that Twin Angel ending left in me.  And it's first episode quickly had me thinking "I want to see a Mean Girls Mash Up trailer to this".

I'm not sure why I checked out In Another World with my Smartphone.  It seems pretty easy to write off as an attempt to cash in on Konosuba's success.  And I never got into Konosuba or Re:Zero.  It might be I simply can't relate to a Parody or Deconstruction of a genre I haven't enjoyed the straight versions of yet.

And this show seems to be un-apologetically playing it's Isekai Tropes straight.  I like that the MC is pretty chill about everything.  And there was no Fanservice, for even a first episode of a Light Novel adaptation to have none is pretty impressive.

Classroom of the Elite I checked out mainly cause I'm following Ayu on Twitter.  If I didn't know she was in it going in I wouldn't have recognized her, this voice is very different from Yuzuki.  Of course for all I know it's Yuzuki that's her most different from usual voice.

This show has had only very mild fanservice so far.

It may be I won't be following all these to completion.  Princess Principal is the only one I'm certainly all in on.  Fate/Apocrypha I may decide to wait till the Netflix Dub to finish.  Vatican Miracle Examiner may going forward have trouble living up to it's first arc.  And the three I'm watching Dubbed are pretty run of the mill, they could lose my interest similarly to how Clockwork Planet did last season.

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