Thursday, August 3, 2017

Netflix doesn't need their exclusives as much as they think they do

Or rather doesn't need them to be exclusive as much as they think.

When I look at the non-exclusive Anime they have, just the ability to actually watch these on my big Flat Screen TV is enough incentive for me to give them $10 a month rather then Crunchyroll.  Especially since Netflix does seem to consistently include the Dubs.

And looking at the non-exclusives they have more options then Amazon does.  Both have Madoka but only Netflix has Yuki Yuna is a Hero.

And it's good they have UFOPtable's Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works, the Animes that should be one's entry point for Fate/.  So make sure you tell all your friends with Netflix if they're interested to watch those before Fate/Apocrypha.

I wish they'd add Prisma Illya, it's appeal is very niche, but since they have Fate/ shows and Magical Girl shows, it'd be fitting to include where those two markets come together.

It seems like from what I can read on the What's on Netflix site that they have only Dubs, which may be a downside for some.  But not for me, and not for trying to introduce Anime to new people.  Which is I think the best benefit of Netflix getting in on Anime.  And Netflix waiting till the a show's finished is fine in that context too, since I don't really want to fully recommend something till it's finished at least a full season anyway.

Of (non exclusive) shows on Netflix I've seen, the only one with a Dub I'd even call sub par is Girls und Panzer.   Now Glitter Force as offensive as the Americanizing can be, still has exactly the kind of voice acting I'd expect for its genre.  So if you're not a Weeb and just want a fun kid's show for your kids, Glitter Force is fine.  It'd be way better if they hadn't changed a bunch of stuff, but it's still watchable.

The thing about Amazon is it really pisses me off when they get exclusive rights to something that could be a good entry point Anime.

Some Anime are definitely better for potential newcomers then others, something like Haruhi, or Lucky Star or any Fate/ show besides Zero, shouldn't be shown to a Normie, not as their first impression of Anime anyway.  And indeed the two major Netflix exclusives of this season are not ones I'd use as a first impression either.

But Amazon has snatched up Princess Principal and Vatican Miracle Examiner, both shows I think would be of interest to a lot of non Otaku I know, people into Pulp Style stories, or Occult Conspiracy B Movie schlock.  But I doubt they are willing to pay through that double pay wall for only 1 or 2 shows that I'm willing to vouch for.

Looking at Amazon's non exclusive offerings, what's really weird is that they have Clannad After Story but not Clannad???  That makes no sense.  I know everything people remember about that Anime is from After Story (it annoys me I can't find YouTube videos about just season 1), but you still need season 1 to set everything up.

So all things considered I think Amazon is doing more damage then Netflix.  The impatience of those of us who want to make Memes week by week may make us in the short term more mad at Netflix for making us wait.  But for expanding the fanbase I wait till I've seen all of something before recommending it anyway.

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