Wednesday, August 2, 2017

So Saban is seriously doing the same thing again with Doki Doki PreCure?

All things considered I kind of enjoyed Glitter Force, mostly cause of the voice actors, they did a great job.  So I was a little disappointed when I heard they weren't gonna do the Smile Pretty Cure movie because Glitter Force didn't do well.

So Glitter Force was enough of a failure that it effected their decision making.  But they're repeating the same Americanize everything approach with Doki Doki Pretty Cure?  The Hell???

Do they just think it's Smile Pretty Cure's fault?  Well there are reasons that wasn't the best show to introduce PreCure to the west with.  Frankly I think one's introduction to PreCure should always be a season about a duo, like the original, or Suite Pretty Cure (and HeartCatch was the entry point for a lot of PreCure fans it seems, though I didn't like the art style of that one).  So Doki Doki doesn't really solve that problem, though it may be a bit more difficult to accuse it of directly copying Sailor Moon.  But regardless Smile Pretty Cure has inspired some of the best Doujins I've read, so no it's not Smile's fault.

Like I said before, the audience that might need a complete Americanization to get into it, aren't going to find it via Netflix, since kids shows isn't what Netflix is known for.  The people who care enough to pay to even be able to watch it are Weebs who are only going to be turned off by your attempts to take all the Nippon out of it.

Look Saban, Power Rangers works because it's live Action and so this American adaptation of Sentai is filmed from the ground up with new Actors, the Japanese footage just cuts down the SFX budget.  But it also works because it's a Nostalgic carry over from the 90s that wouldn't go over so well if it began now.  Same thing with Pokemon Dubs renaming Satoshi as Ash.

At this point it has to be partly the fault of the people who own Pretty Cure in Japan.  They continue to refuse to let us legally watch even the current show Subbed. Yet they keep letting their Dubs get butchered.  The Canadian dub of the original Futari wa Pretty Cure at least only changed the names and still seemed mostly like it was the same show as it was in Japan.

Maybe they think the existing Western Pretty Cure fans are all pirates and so the only people who'd pay for it are people who only watch American shows.  Well that is wrong, Western PreCure fans want to support the franchise legally, you just have to give us the opportunity.

Thing is I'm all for seeing the Pretty Cure formula adapted to a setting outside of Japan.  But that should be with a story and a team that's new from the ground up.  One that can be in continuity with all the Japanese Pretty Cure teams and so added to future Allstar movies.

I have a pitch in my head for a Live Action Pretty Cure show set in America or Canada.  It'd be a duo because again I think the formula works best as a duo.  One girl would be African American and the other of South Korean ancestry.  I originally imagined pitching it to ABC Family, but that's Freeform now.

Update Correction: Apparently Saban isn't doing Doki Doki Glitter Force.  That's weird.

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  1. Lame and unnecessary alterations. Yes, Power Rangers will always have a place in my heart dood but just because PreCure reminds me of Power Rangers/Super Sentai doesn't mean you have to alter that which does not need any alteration.