My Graphic Novel collection

My Graphic Novel collection

The Batman Chronicles: Volume 1
Batman: Year One
Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman: Dark Victory
Batman: A Death in The Family/A Lonely Place of Dieing
Batman: Bruce Wayne Murderer
Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive Volume 1
Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive Volume 2
Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive Volume 3
Batgirl: Fists of Fury
Batman: Hush
Robin: Unmasked
Batman: War Drums
Batman: War Games Act One
Batman: War Games Act Two
Batman: War Games Act Three
Batman: War Crimes
Robin/Batgirl: Fresh Blood
Robin: To Kill A Bird
Batgirl: Kicking Assasins
Robin: Days of Fire and Madness
Birds of Prey: Between Dark And Dawn
Birds of Prey: The Battle Within
The Superman Chronicles: Volume 1
Superman: Birthright
Superman: For All Seasons
Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis
Superman: They Saved Luthor's Brain
The Death of Superman
World Without A Superman
The Return of Superman
Superman & Lois Lane Wedding Album
Superman: Our Worlds At War
Superman: Sacrifice
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Superman/Batman: Supergirl
Supergirl: Power
Supergirl: Candor
DC Universe Sorties of Alan Moore (Includes The Killing Joke, For The Man Who Has Everything, Mortal Clay, Whatever Happened to The Man of Tomorrow and many more.)
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again
Spiderman Vs The Black Cat
Spiderman: Son of The Goblin
The History of The DC Universe Volume I
The History of The DC Universe Volume 2
Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 1
Crisis on Multiple Earth The Team Ups 2
JLA: Tower of Babel
JLA: Divided We Fall
JLA: Crisis of Conscience
Teen Titans: Year One
Teen Titans Showcase
Teen Titans Annual
Teen Titans
The New Teen Titans: Who Is Donna Troy
The New Teen Titans: Terra Incognito
The New Teen Titans: Games
Teen Titans: A Kids Game
Teen Titans: Family Lost
Teen Titans: Beast Boy and Girls
Teen Titans: The Future is Now
Teen Titans/Outsiders: Insiders
Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy
Teen Titans: Life And Death
Teen Titans: Titans Around The World
Teen Titans: Titans East
Wonder Woman: Who is Wonder Woman
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Identity Crisis
The OMAC Project
Villains United
Superman: Infinite Crisis
Infinite Crisis Companion
Infinite Crisis
52 Volume 1
Secret Six: Six Degrees of Separation
Kingdom Come

I'm not gonna try to list all the Individual issues I have

Graphic Novels I most want to add to my Collections

Any collecting the Marv Wolfman and George Perez New Teen Titans comics of the 80s
Superman: Man of Steel
Superman: President Luthor
Batgirl: Destruction's Daughter
Batgirl Rising
Batgirl: Death Wish
The Recent Two Volume version of War Games
Any of Morrison's Batman, or story-lines that tied into that
Any collecting comics from 2003-2006 


Puella Magi Tart Magica, Volumes 1-5.


  1. Do you have them digitally or physically? Sadly my physical collection has shrunk over the years.

    1. I have these all Physically, I've never really bought any Digital Comics.

      Thanks for leaveing this comment, it reminded me I need to update some of this.