Sunday, September 27, 2015

I'm late in reacting to Gotham's Season 2 Premier

Partly because I was late in watching it.

I'm still ambivalent towards the show in light of my feelings on how season 1 ended.  When Supergirl starts I'll be watching that on Mondays.  But may ro may not keep following Gotham via on demand.

Jerome is gonna be seen regularly now it seems.

Zardon was hilarious.  I still appreciate the show's unique sense of humor.

If they''re gonna keep Barbara crazy, they're gonna need to device a gimmick for her.

The show has James Fran now, James Fran is awesome.  I did not think it was mathematically possible to make Thomas Cromwell likable, but he did it.

Still no signs of Renee Montoya returning.

Only thing that could really grab my interest right now is if they are going a Court of Owls rout.

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