Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mothra Vs Godzilla makes a good Easter Movie

Which makes one wonder why I'm posting this during Halloween season?  Well it is a Monster movies, and while I've thought of this before it's now I felt compelled to blog on it.

First is the purely Superficial fact that it has a gigantic multicolored egg as a major plot point.

And the story has a Death and Rebirth theme to it.  One Mothra dies, to live again through his offspring.

You're maybe thinking, doesn't all that apply to the original Mothra movie too?  Mostly they do, though the Death part is less literal.

But the key coming at it from a Christian perspective, is that Godzilla as a villain of the movie could be seen a playing the role of The Serpent, and his Seed, thus a Genesis 3:15 tie in.

Mothra is very much the Messianic Archetype of the Toho Universe.

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