Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Last Laugh Reaction

Warning, this is a very Spoilery Reaction

I enjoyed this episode even more then the previous one.  I was quite impressed.

I want to comment on Theo Galavant.  The talk about his family having built the city and their legacy robbed has me more convinced then ever of a Court of Owls connection.  Not sure what it is but I think there certainly is one.

And by the end of the Episode I was definitely starting to get a David Xanatos vibe from the character.

And then there is Jerome.  

We suspected he could be a Red Herring from the start.  But then they started going all on Jerome to start this season and we forgot that.  So that twist ending really hit me by surprise.  And the final ending shows it's not a waste, Jerome does play a role in how The Joker's legend begins.

My optimism from these last 2 episodes remains cautious.  I quite enjoyed how Season 1 started, and then it went down hill in the second half.

That said, there is a difference, one of the top issues I had with how Season 1 turned out did have it's warning signs from the start, the disjointedness of the plot.  But I held out hope because I'm fine with a season starting that way, it's how it brings things together for the end that matters, and Gotham did not do it nearly as well as True Blood Season 2 did.

Right now Season 2 of Gotham seems like it no longer has that problem.  A lot of the the Season 1 fluff is gone, what they cut isn't always what I'd have preferred them to cut out but still things are more focused now, and dropped characters can come back as long as they make sure they fit in right.

So I'm far more optimistic then I thought I would be at this point.  But come November I'll still be choosing Supergirl during the initial airing.

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