Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Captain America: Civil War may kill the MCU

I have seen every MCU film so far but Ant-Man and I have liked each of them, I've gone against convention and considered the first Iron Man the weakest.

I've been less consistently impressed with Marvel on television but still liked much of it, the AOS tie in with Winter Soldier was fantastic, and I loved Agent Carter season 1.  I haven't gotten a chance to check out the Netflix shows yet.

I have defended Winter Solider and Guardians of the Galaxy against their critics.  And I personally love that Iron Man 3 wasn't another generic foreign terrorist but actually dealt with false Flag Terror.  My Dad hated Iron Man 3 at first but upon re-watching it he really liked it.

But I have felt that doing Civil War was a bad idea from the start, I tried to be optimistic for it but the Trailer has not alleviated my fears.

The original story-line in the Comics was one of the most hated Marvel has ever done, probably only One More Day and the Clone Saga are more hated.  And the people who do like it would probably all agree that an only 2 to 2 and a half movie could not do justice to the story-line.

Now it's being adapted into a universe where the initial premise doesn't apply because the MCU doesn't even do secret identities.

One thing that can be said about the original story-line, as stupid as it was, Steve taking the position he did made sense with his character there.  But this trailer is telling us Steve is simply against the idea of Superheros having accountability what so ever.  I like seeing Captain America go against the government when it over reaches it's power, but this does not fit that.

The people at Marvel were considering Civil War before Batman V Superman was announced.  But the earliest reference to it was considering it for an Avenger movies, no latter then the 3rd one.  Not a movie coming only a year after Age of Ultron.

Everyone was talking before Age of Ultron came out about how the disagreement between Steve and Tony in that was going to set up Civil War.  And continued to think that even after it came out.  But it didn't.  Even leaving side that Steve and Tony's issues in that film were resolved by the end, this Civil War trailer if anything has switched them around from were they were in that film.  It's completely random.

What's really grating is it seems like most of Steve's reasons for his actions is just about Bucky.  It shouldn't be that damn hard to get understanding for the fact that Bucky was brainwashed.  The whole set up is contrived to fit where the previous films left everyone.

I will of course disagree with anyone who said this trailer revealed too much.  Any entire important character were absent.  As I've said before I like a trailer to tell me what I can expect, and I appreciate that this one has told me to expect exactly what I feared.

The Force Awakens meanwhile is the first time ever this close to a film coming out that I honestly don't know if I'll like it or not.  I'm someone who's expectations have always been right.  With TFA it could go either way, it could be exactly what I'm hoping for or exactly what I fear base don what little we've been shown.  I'm going to see the movie, the fact that it has John Williams assures me that it at least can't be as boring as Superman Returns.

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