Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tatooine Slavery and Headcanon

I've talked before about how I became a Star Wars fan because of The Phantom Menace, and how I didn't mind that Episodes II and III played out differently then I expected.  Today I want to talk about something specific.

In Episode I Anakin says he dreams of becoming a Jedi and then one day returning to Tatooine to free all the slaves.  When Episode I was the only prequel we had I remember how I expected we would see Anakin do that during his Jedi career.  Then in Episode II he returns to Tatooine but never does that, and for Episode III we knew before it came out it wouldn't feature much of Tatooine.

However that expectation never happening only added to the Tragedy of Anakin's fall, he never even did what he originally wanted to become a Jedi to do.

And in hindsight I should have known that wouldn't happen because we saw Slavery still going on on Tatooine in the OT.  It's just not as exposition dumped as it was in Episode I.

But an added layer to that is how I've been rethinking the OT lately.  Even though this is stated no where I've developed a headcanon that after Jabba and his syndicate was destroyed in Return of The Jedi that Slavery on Tatooine collapsed.  And so Luke and Leia fulfilled their father's dream without even realizing it.

And it really shows how RotJ works as the last installment of a 6 episode saga even better then it does as a trilogy.

The OT alone was centrally focused on the Rebellion vs The Empire, so spending the entire first act of the finale installment resolving what was a peripheral subplot of the previous films seemed like just an exotic diversion.  Yes Han being frozen had to be resolved, but I feel like a normal writer would have spent far less screen on that and made it a quick cold open.  I suspect negative reviews of the film at the time probably said just that.

But then we got the chronological first installment and we see the issue of Slavery on Tatooine, which was directly linked to the Hutt clan, was vital to how and why Anakin became a Jedi in the first place.  And we see that Jabba pretty much rules the entire Planet.  Then dealing with the Hutt story-line truly becomes necessary to close the saga.

For that reason perhaps it's for the best if the new movies don't revisit Tatooine, they'd probably do something to contract this theory.  All it'd take is one sexy dancing Twi'lek slave girl, which based on his approach to Trek Abrams wouldn't be able to resist.

In fact I'd bet the old EU probably contradicts this somewhere.  But fortunately I never considered that crap canon.  I can ignore the new movies if I want to also, but I'm hoping I won't have to.

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