Friday, December 25, 2015

I've talked about Christmas on my other Blogs

Which I'll copy Links to here.

Christmas relevant posts of this Blog

I figured for December I'd make and post here some Christmas related posts' Tiny URL Links (For why making TinyURLS for this Blog is important)

Jesus was born around December 25th

Pagan Winter Solstice Holidays linked to Christmas

September 11th 3 BC Birth-date theory debunked

Response to Rob Skiba made back when I still didn't support December 25th

Jupiter is the Star of Bethlehem

Cyrenius does not mean Quirinius

The Census of Luke (first made back when I still assumed Cyrenius was Quirinius

Almah does mean Virgin

Heli of Luke's Genealogy is the father of Mary not Joseph

Hanukkah is a Biblical Holy Day

The Desire of Women

Possible Hasmonenan ancestry of The Virgin Mary

A Hanukkah and Christmas relevant post from my SolaScripturaChristianLiberty BlogSpot blog

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