Tuesday, December 1, 2015

There is nothing wrong with Superman being Angry

The Batman V Superman clip that aired with Gotham Monday night has been debated a lot not surprisingly.

There has been a lot of debate about if it's a Nightmare/Dream sequence or a vision of a possible future, or a Bizzaro or Cyborg or some other kind of Evil Superman clone, or a Red Kryptonite type thing.  It has a surreal vibe to it that has me thinking a dream or vision is likely.

However it really bugs me how there is still this Reeve based view of Superman that says he can't be angry.  Cause that is the only thing really "Evil" about him in the scene, he looks angry.  What we see doesn't equate to him condoning the soldiers kneeling to him, he could correct them on that later.  Anger isn't inherently Evil, Jesus chased out the Money Changers in righteous Anger.

I'm a fan of the Seigel and Shuster Superman and George Reeves, and the Crisis to Crisis Superman comics where he could indeed get angry and frustrated at times, the Crisis to Crisis Podcast is going through Dead Again right now.

And you don't need Frank Miller to justify him being mad at Bruce.  Bruce has in the regular Canon crossed certain lines that have gotten Superman pretty pissed off.  Tower of Babel and the OMAC project scenario.  Batman has a strict no kill rule but he does cross serious lines that go beyond even the Sonar plot point in TDK.

I know a lot of long time Superman fans feel DC has been ruining the character getting to dark and edgy and ignoring his human side, and I agree with much of that.  They love Supergirl which is lighter in tone without being boring like SR.  But the Supergirl episode that aired the same day as this preview clip was all about her dealing with her anger.

I was once very worried about possible DKR influence on this movie, DKR was a great Batman story but was horrible for Superman.  But the theory I've been coming to for awhile now is that this may be the inverse of DKR in that it'll be Batman who becomes effectively a villain during their conflict.  That he's crossing lines he never did before because how what happened in Metropolis effected him. And that could explain why Superman would be so pissed off, if Batman just did something really questionable.  I think it's possible we could see something like Brother Eye.

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