Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday TV Reactions

I decided to watch The Flash at 7 and wait for 9:00 for PLL.

The Flash was good this Week, nothing super special however.

The Legends of Tomorrow preview did what it needed to do, I'm still not super interested in the premise.

Kevin Smith's show hyping the DC Movies was fun.  And that Suicide Squad trailer rocked, that song was a brilliant choice, that I personally now always link it to Neon Genesis Evangleion in my mind just made me love it more.

Charlotte's Web was an enjoyable Episode, PLL quickly getting back to what it does well.  I'm still unsure if we're going to get another -A or not.

So that was my Tuesday.  When Rebels returns I"m contemplating adding that to my TV reactions plate, thing when ti's episodes first air I tend to be listening to Flash TV Talk and Panel to Screen live.

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