Monday, April 18, 2016

More Sailor Moon Crystal

I watched episode 29.

Usagi just straight up asks Haruka if she's a Sailor Gaurdian.

We've met the Professor now, they are setting up Hotaru's family dynamic slowly.

So is each Witch going to be killed off the first time they fight the Senshi?  That would suck.

I's read it claimed before that HaruMi have an open relationship.  I really didn't get that from the classic Anime, there was some ambiguous flirting going on but nothing really blatant.  Here however Haruka just straight up Kisses Sailor Moon on the mouth.

And while they're hoping uninformed viewers will be suspicious of them, they got Mirichu basically acting like a Femme Fatale towards Mamo.

I'd also read before that the Manga had ship tease for Hotaru with both Bunnies.  I'm not sure if I trust claim either.

Update: Tumblr exchange started by this post.


  1. I was not prepared for that kiss! Very nice, Sailor Moon Crystal. They seem to be going through villains like tissue paper, though! :P I hope the witches retain some of the flat-out awesome personality that they had in the original anime! Luckily, this season is fundamentally awesome and we have much to look forward to.

    1. From what the response I got on Tumblr it seems all the Witches will go down this quickly as it follows the Manga.

      Still I'm loving it.