Sunday, May 1, 2016

I won't be seeing Civil War

There were things I loved about Batman V Superman and things that bothered me.  But the problems I had are all because it's a Vs film.  So that's why it really bothers me that BvS's disappointment is seemingly only further guaranteeing Civil War will be a success.

Batman V Superman is at least based on Comics that were well regarded despite my personal issues with some, from DKR to the Death and Return story-line to hints of Infinite Crisis and Injustice.  Civil War is based on a comics story-line everyone hated originally and that I never saw defended before this movie was announced.

BvS was a direct sequel to a movie that while flawed I really liked, Man of Steel.  Civil War is most directly a sequel to Age of Ultron, which while I enjoyed it, I ultimately consider a disappointment, and I would also consider AoU inferior to BvS.

I keep hearing that Marvel has Earned it's VS movie by having the relationships between these characters established.  No, that is crap, to me this idea of having them fight is only justifiable even remotely if they have indeed just met and still don't understand each other.  Hence the fighting we saw in the first Avengers movie.

That's why the Civil War premise was offensive to me in the comics and it's offensive to me for the Movies.  It's because I care about the movie versions of these characters that I hate seeing their characters assassinated like this.  Each trailer pisses me off even more.

I'll watch the movie eventually on DVD, but I will not support it in theaters and all other Comic Book fans who want to discourage stupid vs films should do the same.  Please don't reward the failure of one Vs movie by propping up another.

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