Monday, May 2, 2016

Mirichu-San goes all Jimmy Hendrix on her Violin

I hope all the remains episode are so easy for me to nickname.

Also Rei says half o the Legend of Zelda line.

I was reminded this episode how the Deathbusters arc is kind of the most Lovecrafting Sailor Moon Storyline.

People sometimes forget how much Sci-Fi is in Lovecraft's supernatural horror.  The idea of miniature sentient Universes is totally something he cold have thought of.  And the Daimons definitely have the right look.

Pharaoh 90 is either Azathoth or Yug-Sothoth, I can't decide which.

Ami suddenly goes all Ninja during Kaolinite's usually forgettable Mirror of Galadriel scene.  That really took me by surprise.

And Pluto is back at the end, yay.

But no Hotaru this week?????

The new closing theme was fun.

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