Monday, May 9, 2016

Sailor Jupiter Vs Poison Ivy

So the Witch for this week I think was meant to be Makoto's counterpart.  I'm starting to question the logic of having the generals mirror in the Inner Shenshi when that is rarely relevant to how the battle goes down.  The theme this story-line seems to be the Outer Senshi sweeping in to save them like the Eagles of Manwe.

Makoto's current crush called her Sempai, so she is capable of being attracted to younger dudes.

Usagi is starting to crush on her future daughter's girlfriend, that's kinda funny.

Haruka was wearing a Miniskirt, about the last thing I expected.

Sailor Pluto makes her presence known right at the end.

So only one of the Witches 5 is left.

1 comment:

  1. The pacing was off this episode but the key moments made up for it, more ChibiTaru and HaruMichi, Chibi-Usa's special attack and all things Pluto and even some MinaMako for added flavor. Not the best episode overall but it had its great moments.

    Not much happened overall but the highlights made up for it.

    If only this Poison Ivy had a Harley Quinn before her death...oh well. Hyped for next week, I am.