Saturday, May 7, 2016

The-Fanboy-Perspective is making excuses for BvS

I wanted the film to be good and a hit as much as he did, but I've accepted that it wasn't what I or most fans wanted.

In one article he claims that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman aren't the kinds of Superheros who make funny quips.  Actually Superman as Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster wrote him absolutely did, Spider-Man's wise cracking was directly based on classic Superman.  When they had to force themselves to say something positive about Superman The Movie, all they could think of was that he said funny things.  So yes, the Superman I am a fan of makes funny quips as he also did during the Crisis to Crisis era.  Frankly the only prior precedent I can think of for a Superman who doesn't say funny one liners is Superman ret..... no I'm not gonna acknowledge it.  Of course I have no idea how crappy New 52 Superman has been talking.

And now there is this article where he is trying to lower the expectation for the teaming up of the greatest Icons of the Superhero genre.

The problem with trying to compare the correlation between name recognition and Movie ticket sales of Batman and Superman to say Ghandi, Jesus or Dracula, is that they are public domain, anyone can and does make fiction about them anytime they feel like it.  But only DC and WB can legally make Superman and Batman happen on the big screen, and people know that.  So when they appear it means something, it has a sense of authenticity to it that random Dracula movie of the week does not.

And I think epic blockbuster versions for Dracula or Frankenstein have become so rare because of that largely.  If the Source Material can be legally read online for free, making a movie out of it isn't as big a deal.

And the Pulp Heroes may be older but they've sadly fallen into relative obscurity, Zorro is the most still well known of the 3 mentioned, and he too should be Public Domain now, but people are trying to fight that.

Batman Begins was in a scenario where his last movie wasn't well received.  Batman was in the opposite position for BvS.  Begins wound up making more then expected, BvS made less.

And the kinds of people who'd complain about a Wonder Woman movie being too Feminist are exactly who should be offended by a Wonder Woman movie.

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