Monday, June 27, 2016

That's not how Reincarnation works Haruka

But since you're a Christian in the old Anime I guess that's a concept you wouldn't get.

So are we supposed to assume Sailor Saturn destroyed Pharaoh 90's home world?

This was a good season, didn't disappoint.   But I still like the more drawn out approach of the old Anime better.

Looking back at my comments on the start of the season, I am bummed they put Naru in that episode just to forget about her.

The ending I assume is supposed to be setting up SupersS.  I probably won't still be doing these for that, I was never big on the SuperS arc.  I will probably return to doing these for Stars however.  And then I hope they go back and adapt the Codename Sailor V Manga.

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  1. "Insert The More You Know Meme" regarding Haruka's religion.

    Good stuff all around this season. You'll always have the 90's show for a broader experience so yeah.