Monday, June 13, 2016

Two Holy Grails

That was a pretty good episode.  I apologies for skipping last week.

I kinda tend to have less to comment on as the action picks up and there are less fun character moments.

Early on I kinda thought "if I didn't know this was from a 90s comic I'd think there was a subtle 9/11 reference here".  Later I started suspecting similarities to the Trigon story-line from the 80s Teen Titans comics.

In the 90s Anime it was the Inner Senshi who created the barrier if I remember right.

1 comment:

  1. Props for the writers pushing ChibiTaru as hard as they are.

    It was nice to see that Mistress 9's derpiness, as meme worthy as it was, actually had a reason for existing, show off how hard it was for her to control Hotaru's body.

    Yay for Super Sailor Chibi Moon! Yay for Chibi-Usa, period.