Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I'm pretty Easy to Please

That's one of the main areas where I don't fit in among most people who feel the need to express themselves on The Internet.  I don't think most of what Hollywood produces now is garbage, I don't think modern Anime is being ruined by Cute Girls, and I don't think Pop is destroying Music.

I have enjoyed the vast majority of fiction I've consumed.  And I've fallen in love with a pretty large percentage of that.  And I aboslutly hate only one particular movie that I do not wish to name.   Most of the other things I may complain about have some significant redeeming qualities that I have no hesitation to acknowledge.

Of course maybe it only seems that way because I'm unintentionally good at avoiding what I wouldn't like.  As much as I've been mostly only watching Anime lately, I'm not like an Anime YouTuber who feels the need to try at least the pilot of every new show.  Over 100 new Anime come out every year and I've probably still seen less then 100 total.

There is no particular rhyme or reason to what I decide to check out.  Maybe it was something in the description, maybe it was recommended by someone, maybe I saw a glimpse of it in a random YouTube video.  Maybe it came from the same creators as something else I liked.  It's pretty much all decided on a whim.

Still there are lately plenty of Anime I've started and not finished.  But I have no hate for those anime, or even a strong dislike.  They just didn't compel me enough.

Sword Art Online does a lot I really like, and a lot that really bothered me.  The Mother's Rosario arc was the best, it had none of what generally bugged me about it.

You might think the point of making a post like this is to say it should really mean something when I do dislike something.  But I'm not that presumptuous.  The one movie I hate has it's group of defenders, in the past when I was less mature that bothered me, but I've grown up now and don't care.

I guess my point is I wish more people took my approach.  If you can tell an Anime is the kind you'd hate from looking at the poster then don't watch it.  If you hated the original movie don't watch the Sequel unless you feel you have good reason to expect it to be different.  I have my own issues with Batman V Superman, but I have no interest in seeing it critiqued by people who spent 3 years hating Man of Steel, a movie I loved.

I've seem people make YouTube videos to specifically defend their Hate Watching of certain shows.  And it just comes off as petty.

I realize professional critics have a perception that their reviews won't mean anything if they only give positive ones.  But a traditional review is less then a page of text or a less then 10 minute video.  You don't need half an hour to talk someone out of watching something.

What really bugs me though is how many Positive reviews nowadays are based on constantly referencing how something else was bad.  The famous "Everything Wrong with" videos now have a channel doing the opposite, "Everything great about", (CineWins rather then CineSins).  In concept that should be right up my alley.  But the one on The Force Awakens is 50% "ain't it great how this isn't like The Prequels", which as anyone who knows me knows is the easiest way to turn me off.

And that's why simply telling me "don't watch/read the negative reviews" won't solve my problem, because internet negativity makes it's way even into positive reviews.

I guess the only point of this post is to tell people where I'm coming from.  I'm a pretty easy person to satisfy, and I will never take that as an insult.

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