Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Those reveals were almsot all the worst reveals

Been awhile since I did that thing where I copy my Tweets here.  One reaosn why I don't like ding it is how it always bumps my previous psot fomr the from page.  But I'll get around that by linking to it here.

I've now seen the BBC Count of Monte-Cristo staring Alan Badel

If you're viewing this post as a BooRadleyVanCullen person, I talked about Eugenie Danglars and Louise d'Armilly there.  If I cast a COTMC adaptation with as many PLL actors as I could, I'd have Lucy Hale as Eugenie, Ashley Besnon as Louise, Nolan Norht as Villfort, and Shay Mitchelle as Haydee.

Remember, start at the bottom to read them in order.

  1. More reveals, but not the one they advertized
  2. You've gotta be kidding me
  3. For Frak's sake
  4. Clearly not
  5. A few years ago I would've been more into a reunion.
  6. Don't tell me he's Charlotte's dad? Pastor Ted would've been more interesting.
  7. So the Shusher gets the 5th turn?
  8. Haven't even mentioned the mystery they promised to solve yet
  9. She looks too far along for Pills to work
  10. So no Aria and Nicole conversation? I feel cheated
  11. I wonder what the odds are people will start shipping Aria and Nicole?

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