Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I don't like the 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie

A lot of people seemed to like it, and I don't get why.  Before we had a Live Action Wonder Woman movie people kept saying this is what it should be like.  Now that we do have one, (one I still highly recommend, if you haven't seen it yet you need to),  I haven't yet seen anyone say that animated movie was better, but I have seen people while praising the Gal Gadot film overall saying they preferred the 2009 cartoon's Ares at least.

I can't relate even to that.  First of all how Ares looked in that animated movie isn't justified by the Comics which usually revolved around us not seeing his face at all.  But either way I don't care how Ares looked in the Comics, I know that the Ancient Greeks took pride in that their gods looked like Human beings and not animals like the gods of the "Barbarians" (since they took too literally certain Mesopotamian and Egyptians depictions of their gods).  Ares in the 2009 animated movie looked like they were going for a vaguely Final Fantasy or Anime look, and not a very informed one.

This movie's issues are different from my general issues with this DTV animated film line that I laid out in the Year One post.  Since it was not a direct adaptation of anything they designed it to fit the 70 minute run-time well, and I can't really complain about the voice acting either.

The Ares complaint above is just the most superficial, alongside my being annoyed how Hades was depicted, and having Hippolyta have a child with Ares.  Those mistakes also parallel things I dislike in an equivalent way in the 2017 film, and so clearly are things I could get over.

What I can't forgive is Trevor and Diana's relationship revolving around him mansplaining to her about gender relations.  That's literally the opposite of what I wanted from that relationship.  And I have seen other feminists express the same complaint, in a comments section on the DCWomenKickingAss Tumblr.

I was also really annoyed by the Persephone character, and her ranting to Hippolyta in their fight at the end.  The last thing I want to hear in a Wonder Woman movie is a moral about how women need men.

Basically it managed to undermine everything Wonder Woman should be about.

The only redeeming value it has is the Alexa character, voiced very well by the great Tara Strong.  I liked her, and could enjoy seeing her re-imagined in a better Wonder Woman story.

But that's not enough to save it, and so every time I see Angry Joe say this stupid thing is how Wonder Woman should be, I want to punch my computer screen.

Now that we have a good Wonder Woman movie staring Gal Gadot, we no longer need to settle for this crap, just ignore it and act like it never existed.

Hopefully we will get the Animated movie staring Lynda Carter that has been rumored since the Adam West and Burt Ward animated movie did well (Rest In Peace in Adam West).  And then we can finally have an at least respectable animated Wonder Woman.

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