Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summer Season Anime preparations

This may change.  But after going over the expected Summer shows on MAL, I think the only one I'm likely to follow is Netsuzou Trap.  And even that I may drop it, my feelings on the Manga are mixed.  It will be my first time watching an Anime I'd read the Manga for first.  I had wanted that honor to go to Citrus, but whatever.

Some movies expected to come out I will watch, the new Nanoha movie for example.  And the third Yuki Yuna Prequel film.

For the most part I'm kinda relived.  I want to spend more time this watching more older Anime I haven't seen yet.  And re-watching ones I already know I like.

I may soon be changing some of what I've rated on MAL.

Very recently I have watched the Girls und Panzer film, which was awesome.  And Code Geass Akito of the Exiled again since the Dub just dropped.  And now I'm definitely much more certain that it's an Anime I liked.

I suspect the Dimensional Supervisor and that Skull thing that gave Shin his powers will be relevant to the upcoming Code Geass R3.

As for the Spring shows I'm not actually done with yet due to following the Simuldubs.

I wound up putting Clockwork Planet on hold.  I had more optimistic for that show then most, but by during episode 6 I got kinda tired of it.

Which leaves me with only Attack on Titan season 2.  Which I'm enjoying but also wishing was a bit slower paced.

Update: I learned between posting this and the day even ending that Digibro and that other guy will be covering a Summer show to follow up their Eromanga-Sensei series. That I'll probably watch for it's sake.

I don't know what I'll think of Fate/Apocrypha.  But anything they say dissing Fate/ in general I will respond to.

I was gonna wait for the Dub for Fate/Apocrypha. But if they guys cover it then I can't do that.

I really love the Fate/ franchise. I say this not just as an Anime, it is the best take on Arthurian/Grail legend done period in well over  a 100 years. And yes I include the Indiana Jones film in that. I also really love the characters and the use of Hermetic Magick. Fate/Zero is the best so far.

Netsuzou Trap again is the only show this season I'm guaranteed to at least start. I read a good deal of the manga and i enjoyed it but ti's not as good as Citrus.

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