Monday, July 31, 2017

Vatican Miracle Examiner is Awesomly Ridiculus

So I decided to check this show out after seeing Vrai and JosieNextDoor talk about it, they created their own tag on Twitter, #VaticanBros.   Calling it the best "So Bad it's Good" Anime this season.

First two episodes had me interested, then 3 and 4 sold me on it.  This is the show the Digibro and Nate should have did their Podcast on.

It's a wonderfully Campy mix of absurd Pulpy B Movies tropes.  I've watched lots of B movies abuot the Occuls, and cheap Exorcist knock offs, and listened to hours of William Scenbelen's crazy stories.  This is the Anime version of that Madness and it's beautiful.

The 4 episodes that have already aired seem to be the first Novel, so we'll see if the next story can live up to the hype.

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