Monday, August 21, 2017

HIDIVE is a Legal Streaming site I want to recommend.

 It allows you to watch stuff for free with ads.  A paying subscription allows you to watch ad free, at 1080 quality, and Dubs for stuff that has Dubs.  And a few shows aren't view able for free because of Ecchi content.  A paid Subscription is $3.99 a Month.

My main constructive criticism right now is that I wish they'd allow Dubs to be watched free with Ads.  It may be the companies that own the rights to the Dubs that are demanding they not be given away for free.  But the purpose of Dubs is mainly to help bring in new fans.  When I recommend an Anime to someone, I want to link them to a Legal site that will let them watch it for free.  And Ideally that should include a Dub.

I'm weird in that I'm willing to watch Subbed when I have too but still prefer Dubs.  I, as much as I want to recommend this site right now don't have the means to pay $4 a month for it.  So I'll be using this site a lot in the near future, but sadly their Dubs I'll still have to look for elsewhere.

That desired improvement aside, it is a site that runs smoothly for me, even on my cheap laptop.  And the Subs are pretty easy to read.  A note before browsing the site, the section called "Movies" includes the OVAs it has, like Gunbuster.

This site is the only legal site I've found Higurashi on, though it's not listed as an exclusive so it must also be somewhere else, but I'm happy to have just found it here.  I looked for a legal option for it before and kinda gave up when neither Crunchyroll, Netflix or Daisuki had it.

They also have exclusive legal streaming rights to Legend of The Galactic Heroes!!!!!  Yes, you heard that right, the most notorious "Elitist" Anime is finally legally streaming in the West.  It's being added one episode at a time, so only 33 are on there at the moment, but that's still something.  Similar to when Sailor Moon was being added to Hulu.

They have Girlish Number and K-On if you're a Digibro fan, also Canaan and Angel Beats.  And Hidimari Sketch, which I'm gonna need to look into what the proper order of it's seasons are.  And Ghost Hound which Digi recently praised.  And they got Log Horizon, which Digi says you should watch instead of SAO.  And Chivalry of a Failed Knight which he recommends as being better then the Asterisk War.

If you're a Fate/ fan they don't have any UFOtable/Aniplex stuff but they do have Deen/Stay Night, the Unlimited Bladworks movie and the first three seasons Prisma Illya.

They have Engaged to the Unidentified, a personal favorite of mine.  And they got Flip Flappers which makes me happy.  And Kampher, something I've been writing a piece on but keep putting off.  And Clannad which I've enjoyed so far.

And all that's just the tip of the Iceburg, lots of stuff I haven't heard of before which I may use this site to check out for the first time.

They also have some Live Action stuff.  Including 4 Godzilla movies (Smog Monster, Sea Monster, Gigan and 1984).

Current Simulcasts include Action Heroine Cheer Fruits.

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