Saturday, August 12, 2017

There are two types of people who won't go to illegal streaming sites.

Digibro only seems to be aware of the smaller type.  The Hardcore Anime fans who are willing to pay for stuff just for the sake of owning it.  And who zealously care about "supporting the industry".

But there are also the potential new fans, who don't watch much Anime yet, who I think could like a lot of it but are held back by how not accessible it can be.  They won't go to the illegal streaming sites maybe partly for the moral reason, but more because they don't know how safe it is.  They don't get that while it's technicality illegal, the Government isn't going to come after the average viewer of the site, only the people running it.

I sent a KissAnime link for Steins Gate once to a person I know who is very rebellious, who celebrates April 20th.  But there is this paranoia some people have that you can't get away with anything questionable you do online.  So they were quite iffy about using that link.  And among the Normies I know they were the most likely one to be okay with doing it via a not legal streaming site.

And while that paranoia is unfounded right now, I fear it might not be in the near future.  Especially under our current President.  And the way Congress constantly caves to the corporations over Copyright laws.  And that is part of why I very strongly believe in having all Copyright laws repealed.

So that is one of many reasons I want to support Netflix's Anime ventures on the grounds that it can bring in new fans.  New fans aren't going to watch it Subbed, my parents won't even watch Live Action movies in a foreign language with Subtitles, so they certainly won't for a cartoon.  And I'm not gonna recommend something to a newbie till a full season is complete anyway.

But ideally I want a world where every streaming site could just put all Anime up without needing permission, but still giving a cut to the creators, and the competition between them is in the quality of the service and not any having exclusive content as a safety net.

And I'm also all for the Paetron idea, that can be a part of it.

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